How I Grew My Blog Using Food Blogger Pro

You can start a food blog today with little start up costs and earn money online. Earning passive income online is possible with a food blog.

You don’t have to be in it for the money though, because running a website is very inexpensive. You can share your passion for cooking and food online for nearly free.

I know it seems like everyone has a food blog these days. While true there are a lot of food blogs online. The same can be said for vloggers on Youtube and still plenty of them are earning good money.

I think its a good comparison because a really good food blog and vlog is about personality. So that leaves a lot of room to gain a following of like minded people.

If you want to make a really good looking and awesome food blog. Then I would recommend learning about how to start a website first. Not just the beginner stuff but the secrets of SEO and social media influencing.

You can build a website into a real business, but if you are complete beginner taking a course speeds things up. You can do this like I did in your spare time.

Food Blogger Pro helped me establish a website and begin to grow the traffic. Its really a awesome packaged course, which gives you a feel of what it takes to start a food blog.

So getting a idea of how others are doing it successfully can help you decide if you want to truly commit.

What Is Food Blogger Pro?

The entire course covers all the beginning steps for starting a blog. As well as the other aspects of running a website, creating different forms of content, using social media to drive traffic and unique ways to monetize your business.

Food Blogger Pro will teach you how to build, grow and make money with your blog. Although they focus specifically on food blogs. I have used these lessons with other blogs covering different topics.

So you can start a blog in a different niche using the approaches they teach. What I like is the focus on Food Blogs for this website.

The course was created by Lindsay and Bjork Ostrom. Who run the very successful website Pinch Of Yum.

Each course is in video format, making it easy to follow and learn quickly. There is also a community of new and advanced bloggers to help share and learn together with.

Each course is transcribed with timestamps included. So if you prefer to read and learn they made that possible.

What I learned

I began listening to the courses in my car on my way to and from work. Since I was already familiar with the early steps of starting a website. I skipped some courses, but everything you need to know from the beginning is included.

These are the things that I have learned that I feel have and will improve my blogging business.

  • How to use Pinterest to drive traffic.
  • Different ways to monetize my site.
  • How to use tools and plugins to optimize a website.
  • How to start an e-book to sell online.
  • How to do food photography
  • Basic coding skills like CSS and HTML.

The courses are great but joining Food Blogger Pro has even more to offer.

There is a large community forum within the course sharing and helping each other. It really helps to join like minded people with common goals and interests.

Not only can you ask technical questions to more advanced bloggers. But the community is a great way to keep up with the industry as a whole. Since internet marketing is changing all the time.

The courses are a reason to join, but the community is one of my main reasons to stay with Food Blogger Pro.

Is It Worth It?

Positively worth it! I would recommend joining Food Blogger Pro to anyone who is serious about starting a food blog or just a website in general. A complete ROI is achievable in my opinion within the first year.

Stop trying to teach yourself like I did for so long. Trying to piece together information online to build a website. Instead use a well thought out and packaged course to help you learn.

I’m interested, how do I sign up?

Signing up is really easy. Visit this link and then choose between a monthly or yearly membership:

Sign up for Food Blogger Pro

Bonus! When you select the yearly membership you will receive one year free with Nutrifox, a tool that allows you to create and customize nutrition labels in your recipe posts.

Don’t Hesitate!

If you have been thinking about starting a website to make money online. I highly recommend you give Food Blogger Pro a try. It’s a helpful resource and community.

Just One More Thing…

Food Blogger Pro has a weekly podcast that you can listen to for free. You can learn blogging skills and follow the food blogging industry. Check it out here.