Can You Fry Fish and Chicken In The Same Oil?

So you wish to dabble in deep frying and just can’t figure out how to start? It would be very economic and simple to reuse the oil. But how? And what are the best options when it comes to health benefits, taste, and efficiency? 

If you want to reuse the oil and deep fry fish and chicken in the same oil. Fry the chicken first because if you deep fry fish before, your chicken will taste fishy. Also consider using a Peanut oil. Peanut oil is great for deep frying as it doesn’t absorb much flavor from the foods being fried. 

If you still have more questions or are interested in how to prevent taste transmission, we are here to help you. Keep reading to find out what are the best options for deep frying and why!

Can You Reuse Oil After Frying Fish?

You can definitely reuse the same oil after deep frying fish. Save it, put it in the fridge and it is safe and sound for a while. You may be surprised to hear that oil can last you for anywhere from 1 to 3 months if you take the right steps.

Once you have deep-fried your fish, take your oil, put it in a container with a lid on, and make sure it is sealed from outside light. And there you have it, it should last you up to 3 months.

Remember to remove all the food bits from the oil to avoid contaminating it and causing it to go bad. Some oils can be reused more often than others and kept for longer. For example, peanut oil is an example of oil you can safely reuse but it will lose its original quality every time you reuse it.

Make sure you check the oil before reusing it – if it looks cloudy or foamy, if it tastes or smells bad, you will know it went bad. Get rid of it at once if you notice any of these signs.

Try to reuse oil after frying fish for the same purposes to avoid taste transmission and enjoy your tasty meal. 

Can You Reuse Oil After Frying Chicken?

Once you use oil to deep fry your poultry of choice, you can always use a filter to cleanse your oil. This will filter all the nasty crumbs and pieces of food. Separate these oils and mark the containers so you don’t mix them.

Each time oil is reused it loses more of its quality. Eventually, it will just decompose and you won’t be able to use it to deep fry anymore. So make sure you check your oil every once in a while by smelling it. If you feel anything questionable, take it out!

Once it is time to throw away your oil, DO NOT pour it down the drain. Seal it and toss it in a bag. Depending on the oil you deep-fried your chicken in, you can reuse it in a salad or as a cooking oil. You don’t have to deep fry it every time.

This way it will keep its quality for a longer period of time and you will notice you don’t spend as much money on your oils and salad ingredients.

You can reuse oil after frying chicken to deep fry any poultry, but avoid mixing it with certain foods such as onion rings, or fries. It just won’t taste the best and you will have to throw away brand new food you just deep-fried. So label your oils to avoid this mistake!

Can You Fry Fish and Chicken In The Same Oil?

If you deep fry fish first, and then the chicken, you are risking taste transmission. Your chicken can taste like fish and smell like one too. It will also pick up fish oils and become rancid. 

Be aware of your choice of oil. Some oils are more neutral in flavor and will lower the possibility of your food tasting differently. 

So deep fry your chicken first. Use a neutral oil and save it. Once you are done with the chicken you can deep fry your fish in it. However, be careful not to deep fry chicken in it again the next day. Save it for your fishy meals or throw it away.

Use separately used oils for fish and poultry. If you refrigerate it, it will last you longer and you will be able to reuse it without the unwanted surprises for your taste buds.

How Many Times Can You Reuse Cooking Oil For Deep Frying?

It would be such a waste to just throw away the huge amount of deep fry oil after every use. Especially if you do it often. And we already told you how to make sure your oil is safely stored.

You can reuse oil you used to deep fry fish, or chicken, anywhere from 3-10 times. But it depends both on the oil and the food you are using and reusing.

To exemplify, you can deep fry your chicken in the same oil around 3 or 4 times, while you can reuse the oil in which you deep-fried potato chips for 8 times and even more! 

When using items such as potatoes, cleaner to fry – feel free to reuse your oil for 8 or more times, assuming the oil is still in good condition. But after reusing the deep-frying oil when it comes to battered foods such as chicken, any oil will significantly change its quality – it will change color and start degrading faster. 

Which Oil Is Best For Deep Frying Fish and Chicken?

There is more than simply one category when talking about the “best“ oil. It depends on your personal preference – do you want your oil to be neutral or to add taste, do you prefer the healthiest options or the fastest ones, and how much you are willing to invest in your cooking and deep-frying?

Luckily, there are many different oils you can choose from today. When it comes to fish or chicken, the process can get quite specific. So which oil is the best in which category? Let’s find out.

You might be looking for more neutral oils when it comes to taste so they do not change the taste of your delicious food during deep frying. Oils are usually not too expensive and don’t differ too much when it comes to prices in your local store.

Certain oils will make your chicken taste like coconut or olives, depending on the brand and quality. But some oils do not transfer taste like that. So pay attention to this factor as well.

Peanut oil is one of those oils that doesn’t pick up flavors as much. Making it one of the best oils for deep frying fish. You can use other oils as well, see the Best Oils To Deep Fry Fish to learn more.

However, if you are looking for a healthier alternative don’t look for a healthy oil – just stay away from deep frying. Another important factor is the smoke point – the temperature which makes the oil start smoking. So, if your intention is to deep fry, the higher the better.

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