How To Prepare and Microwave Garlic Bread

toasted garlic bread slices

I have made garlic bread in a microwave before with no problem. While it is not as crispy as baking it in the oven. Using a microwave is a quick and alternative way to make garlic bread.

Garlic bread is popular mostly for its taste, as it goes great with spaghetti, pasta or pizza. The other really great thing about garlic bread is that you don’t need to buy it specifically.

Regular bread like sandwich, Italian or french can be turned into a garlic bread. A simple piece of toast can be seasoned to taste like a homemade garlic bread.

You only need a two ingredients to transform a slice or loaf of bread into garlic bread. You can buy already made garlic bread or Texas toast garlic flavor.

Beware these usually do not have any instructions for microwaving. As its not how garlic bread is typically cooked.

How To Cook Garlic Bread In Microwave

The type of bread you are using for your garlic bread will not change cooking times. A microwave will heat it up enough to melt the butter. Adding cheese as a topping will increase cooking time slightly.

Can You Cook Garlic Bread In The Microwave?

Place slices of bread apart on a microwave safe plate. Place a paper towel over top of them. Use the lowest power setting and cook for 20 – 40 seconds.

Use a sheet of wax paper if available underneath the bread. Avoid microwaving for too long. The crust on french bread can become tough this way.

A microwave convention oven combination will work best to bake garlic bread. In this way use the same way as a oven, preheat to 300 – 400 degrees and bake garlic bread for 10 mins.

When using a oven place bread on top of foil on a baking pan. Do not use aluminum foil in a microwave.

Preparing Garlic Bread

Before you are going to bake or microwave your garlic bread. You need to prepare the bread and season it with garlic. The most basic garlic bread will have just garlic salt or garlic powder and butter.

Either one can be used, the main difference obviously is the sodium. If you are using a salted butter, then you may choose to just use the powder. A unsalted butter may need some additional salt.

It depends on how salty you like your garlic bread. Some people may say it takes away from the garlic taste. Its really becomes a personal preference, so decide which one you would like.

A good step is to make sure your butter is not chilled. Using a soft butter will help to spread it on much easier.

There are additional ingredients you can add to garlic bread. Seasonings like parsley flakes, oregano leaves, and dried chives.

Olive oil can be used instead of butter but will not work as well in a microwave. Onion powder is another option to sprinkle onto the bread, but don’t use very much.

To begin preparing the bread, spread butter on each slice, then add the garlic (powder or salt). Then sprinkle on top any herbs if you are using them.

What Cheeses To Use For Garlic Bread

A few types of cheese are commonly used for making garlic bread. The ones that show up for Italian dishes work just fine. Really any type of cheese can be used.

You can use shredded or sliced cheese to put on top of the bread. The cheese should be put on first before the other seasonings. But you can try it both ways.

Mozzarella, Parmesan or cheddar cheese are common for cheesy garlic breads. If using cheddar then you will not need very much, as this cheese does not melt as well and can burn easily.

A grated Parmesan can be put on top of the bread after it has been cooked. When microwaving make sure the cheeses have melted.

You will have to thaw out and frozen cheeses before using. Otherwise it will take too long to cook and the bread may burn or overcook first.

How To Keep Garlic Bread Warm for a Party

Keeping garlic bread warm after baking can be done by wrapping it in either foil or a cloth.

The best way is to serve the bread after every other food. You can bake garlic bread in under 15 mins. So you can plan ahead and have it ready to go while serving the other dishes.

If you need to keep the garlic bread warm. Keep it in the pan or baking sheet and cover with tin foil. Store it on the stove top and the residual heat from the pan and oven should keep it warm.

Another option is to wrap it in a kitchen cloth. Place cloth in a basket and then place garlic bread inside. Wrap the cloth like a blanket around the top so no heat can escape.

Bread basket liners or cloths can be used specifically for serving breads. Also there are bread basket warming stones. The stone is heated in a oven and then placed on the bottom or in a pocket of the cloth liner.

Reheating Garlic Bread

Most garlic bread can be reheated in a microwave. Although I would not recommend reheating bread that has been already cooked in a microwave.

Reheat bread in a microwave for 3 – 5 seconds. Once garlic bread has been sitting out it usually is no longer good. If you need to save it then you can freeze the bread.

You can thaw out frozen bread in a microwave. This will not be the same as cooking it. So you may need to still heat it afterwords.

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