How To Cut Fresh Mozzarella: Best Slicers To Use

slicing fresh mozzarella

How to cut fresh mozzarella using different methods. I use to slice the cheese for a popular pizza restaurant. We used a commercial slicer, but when cooking at home there are some great tools and ideas to try.

Even if you are not making pizza, but using mozzarella for lasagna, salad or just serving slices. Slicing fresh mozzarella can be more difficult than just cutting other cheeses.

How to cut mozzarella? Use a sharp knife, preferably a serrated cheese knife or thin bladed knife. Hold the fresh mozzarella ball gently with one hand. Start slicing through and use the entire length of the blade.

That is a simple way to cut mozzarella, but it doesn’t always work that easy. Especially when trying to slice a ball of fresh mozzarella. So if you are wanting to take it to the next level.

There are some ideas and other utensils to use. All are inexpensive if you don’t already own them.

Ways To Slice Fresh Mozzarella

Fresh mozzarella can come in different shapes. A ball, block, log or pearls (which is small cherry sized mozzarella pieces). Fresh mozzarella is an additive free cheese, simply made from cow or water buffalo milk.

When slicing fresh mozzarella there is sometimes some issues that arise. Since the delicate cheese is very soft, it can get smashed easily or stick to the knife. This makes cutting the cheese into even slices difficult.

One trick that can be used, but one that I wouldn’t recommend. Is using dental floss to slice the mozzarella. Obviously using one that doesn’t have a mint flavor.

This method does work without smashing the cheese. The problem is trying to get the thickness of each slice even.

Using a knife will work just fine for slicing fresh mozzarella. The knife must be very sharp. Here are three of the best tricks to apply when you are using a knife.

  1. Heat the knife up before using: This can be done by running it under hot water for a minute, then drying off. Or you can heat it above a stove top burner. Use this method for when the cheese has been frozen or chilled.
  2. Oil up the knife: Use a vegetable oil and coat the knife blade slightly. Doing this first will help prevent the cheese from sticking. Each slice will fall off the blade after each cut. Also the blade will slide through the cheese easier.
  3. Slice a groove: Before going for the full slice, first start a groove along the top. Where you are going to slice. This works to help get the knife started. Also gives you a starting point to determine how thick you want the slice to be.

A way to get the fresh mozzarella more easily ready to be sliced. Is to chill or freeze the cheese first. Some people might detest freezing the cheese, because doing so can destroy the texture and flavor.

So you don’t want to completely freeze it. Just enough to get the outside slightly firm. Refrigerating the cheese works well but a freeze is faster. Do this in a freeze under 10 mins.

Using a different style of knife like a cheese cutter or cheese wire will work better than just a regular knife. So its worth considering buying a different knife utensil all together.

Best Cheese Cutting Knifes and Tools

Besides using a regular kitchen knife. A specialty chefs knife or cheese knife will work really well. There are a few options for knives to use for slicing cheese.

Serrated Cheese Knife

These knives work great for cutting into soft cheeses. One unique feature in a serrated cheese knife is the blade has cut outs. Instead of a solid blade, these will have holes in them.

The reason for doing this, is to create a blade that while slicing cheese. It does not stick to the cheese. There is less surface area for the cheese to grab onto.

One other feature is the pronged blade edge. Works for picking up slices without having to move them by hand.

My recommended cheese slicer on Amazon: Prodyne CK-300 Multi-Use Cheese Fruit and Veggie Knife

Cheese Slicer

These kitchen utensils do not look like a knife. Rather they are a small handle with a rolling edge. Near the edge is a wire that is crossed from side to side.

The wire slices into the cheese and the roller keeps the width equal. A cheese slicer is not sharp, but it uses the thin metal wire to pierce through cheese.

Cheese slicers can allow for very thin slices. There isn’t much drag because its only the wire going through the cheese.

When using a cheese slicer, you can either cut from top of block down to bottom, or go across the top. Going across the top will allow for longer slices.

Some brands have a adjustable wire cutter. This means you can slide the roller closer or further away from the wire. Adjusting the thickness of the slices.

One problem is that the width of the cheese must fit within the slicers wire edge. Which is usually no wider than 4 inches.

I was stoked to find this awesome slicer on Amazon. Slices cheese on a marble base, which doubles as a serving platter. Fox Run Marble Cheese Slicer with 2 Replacement Wires

Cheese Wire

A cheese wire is a similar to a slicer. Only there is no roller and the wire is much longer. A cheese wire is a single wire with handles on both hands. It can be a good substitute for using dental floss.

Cheese wires are good for larger blocks of cheese. They will work for softer cheeses but firm ones work a lot better.

Using a cheese wire requires more room to work and it is more difficult to get even slices. The true purpose of a cheese wire is to slice through big wheels of cheese. As a knife would have to be very long to do so.

Cheese Lyre

A cheese lyre is like a hybrid of a slicer and a wire. There is a handle but it is only a half square shape bar. The wire goes from one end to the other, there is no roller.

Cheese lyre is difficult to use, but can make some unique cuts in a block of cheese. Works good for really small balls or blocks of cheese.

Unique cuts like angle ones to make triangle slices can be achieved with a lyre.

Boning Knife

Although not a knife designed for cheese at all. Actually one made for cutting out bones from fish or meat. The reason it is recommended is because of the thin blade.

That is the curve and the thin blade surface works well for slicing cheese. You can have a lot of control and also it will not smash the cheese.

Boning knives are also usually very sharp, one drawback is some can be more flexible. Making slicing into softer cheese harder.

Hollow Edge Chef Knife

A hollow edge chef knife, has distinguishing indentations on the blade. Each indentation is evenly spaced and goes vertical close to the blade edge.

These marks called “hollows” prevent foods from sticking onto the blades surface. Also they help to reduce the drag of the blade.

They’re many different varieties of hollow edge knifes. The kind you would want for cheese slicing would be a multi prep knife.

Egg Slicer

Using a egg slicer is a trick that can work for fresh mozzarella. A ball of fresh mozzarella would have to be small enough to fit in the egg slicer dish. So it may need to be cut up smaller.

The egg slicer would work the same as if using a egg. This would be a quick and simple way to slice mozzarella.

Can You Shred Fresh Mozzarella?

Fresh mozzarella can be shredded, but its not easy. One way to make it easier is again to chill the cheese first. Put it in the freezer for no longer than 10 mins.

Also use the larger grate holes rather than the micro ones. The moisture in the mozzarella makes it difficult as it clumps up easily. Try removing the cheese from any excess liquid and dry with a paper towel.

One tool you can use is a rotary cheese grater. These are hand cranked tools that will grate cheese quickly. Instead of rubbing it on the walls of a regular cheese grater.

You can load the cheese into the rotary grater. The blades are called drums and they usually come with different sizes.

My Favorite Cheese Slicers

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