Man Shows How To Make The Cheapest Homemade Lasagna

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A great experiment in making lasagna on the cheap! Besides trying to make the cheapest lasagna possible Joshua Weissman shows exactly how to make lasagna from scratch. Which for how sacred lasagna can be really is a simple recipe. The true flavor comes from the sauce and noodles, but mainly the sauce as Joshua puts it “sauce is the boss of flavor in lasagna”.

You can use most any type of jarred tomato sauce for lasagna such as flavored pasta sauces or even marinara.

A few comments mentioned that making a homemade bechamel sauce would have been even cheaper. As opposed to using tomato paste and a can of diced tomatoes.

Bechamel is a white sauce which can be used to make lasagna. The ingredients are simple butter, milk and flour.

One of the highlights of the video raises a good point.

Are homemade lasagna noodles cheaper and better?

Well homemade noodles aren’t really cheaper than store bought, in fact there too close to compare.

It is without question according Joshua Weissman which one is better (ahem “homemade”).

So don’t feel like your saving money making homemade noodles. As pointed out the equipment to make really great homemade lasagna noodles isn’t cheap.

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