How Long Does Pie Crust Last in the Fridge?

Whether you use store-bought pie crust or make it from scratch the last thing you want is it to go bad before it is used. Making pies can be quite the task which is why people make pie crust for their pies days in advance to save time on the day they are needed.

Pie crust whether it is baked or not can last around three days in the fridge if properly wrapped. While several pie crusts may last longer than others it is best to use crust quickly to prevent it from turning bad. Inspect the crust for any mold if it has been in the fridge longer than three days.

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In this article, you will find out not only how to store pie crust but how to tell if your pie crust has turned bad. In most cases, pie crust is typically fine it if is stored properly and no moisture has entered the packaging. Read on to learn how long pie crust can last in different elements.

Can Unbaked Pie Crust Sit in the Fridge?

Unbaked pie can sit in your fridge for under a week before you need to check it to make sure it has not turned bad. When unbaked pie crust is placed in the fridge it will last longer when it is wrapped in plastic wrap tightly. Wrapping the pie crust will help keep moisture out.

The rate at which your dough will turn bad depend on the ingredients also. Milk-based crusts can turn quicker than those not holding milk. In many cases, a crust could last up to ten days in your fridge before worrying about harmful bacteria starts to grow.

Unbaked Pie Crust in the Fridge That Has Not Been Open

In many cases, pie crust that are unopened will last far longer than its sell-by or best-by date. These dates are to help the company supply the best quality products. A company does not want its best-by date to be the day before something turns rancid.

It is always best to store your unopened pie crust in your fridge and to check for moisture entering the package regularly. Moisture will cause the pie crust to become soggy and mold much faster than normal. Pie crust can also be frozen to extend its shelf life.

How Long Can a Filled Unbaked Pie Crust Last in the Fridge?

When a pie is filled with fruit and not baked it will need to sit in the fridge. The pie needs to be baked within a couple of days if it is filled with fruit. The juices from the fruits can soak into the crust causing a soggy crust that will not bake correctly.

It is best to par-bake the crust before adding fruit if you plan to let the pie sit in the fridge for three days. If you have several pies to bake you can freeze unbaked pies filled with fruit. Freezing pies will allow you to make quite a lot of pies over a longer period before baking them all in one day.

Will Pie Crust Made Ahead of Time Still Taste Fresh?

A lot of bakers make pie crust in advance to allow the crust to sit. Fresh pie crust can sometimes be too soft if it is allowed to sit in the fridge the butter in the dough will chill causing a firmer pie crust. When the pie crust is chilled it is easier to work with and less likely to turn soggy.

Making pies from scratch the day of an event is far too time-consuming so many will pre-make crust. When pie crust is premade you can:

Freeze the filled pies

Freeze the pie crusts

Make pies and place the filled unbaked pie wrapped tightly in the fridge

Par bake crust so they are ready to be filled the day of

Place crust in pie pans ahead of time

Place rolled dough on parchment paper then roll it. These rolls can be stored in Ziploc bags to remain airtight.

These options will allow you to enjoy any event you may be planning as you will have far less work to do the day it is happening. Prebaked pies will also take less time to bake than a raw pie. As long as the crust is fully baked you can sit it out to thaw then warm it up in the oven.

Will a Baked Pie Left on the Counter Overnight Go Bad?

Unbaked pie crust can not sit out overnight but a fully baked pie will be fine on the counter for several days. The pie can remain uncovered if you choose or lightly covered with plastic wrap. You should wait until the pie is completely cool before covering it.

If you cover the pie too soon it will create steam which will turn your crispy golden-brown crust into a soft mushy one that is not appetizing.

Signs That Your Pie Crust Is No Longer Useable

Whether you are baking a pie for yourself or for a get-together you do not want to make people sick by serving a pie that is no longer able to be used. There are several simple signs to look for to save yourself a bad night of stomach pain which are:

Excessive moisture can lead to bacteria

If mold is present toss the crust in the trash can

If the crust smells tart or has any strong abnormal odors

If any of these are present it is best to throw away the crust/pie. Cutting off the moldy or wet part will not always fix the issue. When mold is present at the surface it means that the dough has been compromised.

Storing Pie Crust, the Correct Way

As long as you store your baked or unbaked pie crust wrapped tightly in the fridge it should easily last anywhere from three days up to a week. If you notice that your pie crust looks odd or smells different it is best to throw your pie crust in the trash. The risk of becoming ill after eating a pie that has turned sour is not worth saving the pie.


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