Helpful Tips For Refrigerating Banana Bread Batter

Despite what you might assume or may have read about refrigerating banana bread batter. We have found that you can still successfully store the batter overnight or longer in a refrigerator. There are just a few things you should know first.

So if you are planning on making the batter ahead of time, here is what you should know first.

It would be fine to store your banana bread batter in the fridge for up to 48 hours. The longer the batter is stored the more it will oxidize and turn a dark brown or grey color. This will not effect the flavor or texture but will turn the finished product a darker color.

Now that we know there isn’t much to worry about when it comes to storing banana bread batter in the fridge.

We can go into slightly more detail to help you understand further. Then we will also share how exactly you need to go about storing your banana bread batter.

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Can You Refrigerate Banana Bread Batter?

Banana bread belongs in the quick bread category and the batter is usually meant to be baked right after mixing. Meaning you don’t have wait for any rising period.

This is also why banana bread recipes use simple batter mixtures instead of yeast based dough’s.

When it comes to refrigerating batter vs dough, you don’t have to worry as much about over rising. With other breads time plays a big role in how the bread turns out.

Banana bread batter isn’t as delicate to time and temperature. So you can leave it sit for longer periods of time and the taste will not be affected.

Still if you do plan on storing your banana bread batter in a refrigerator overnight or longer. There is one thing to know about one of the ingredients used to make banana bread.

Can Banana Bread Batter Be Made Ahead of Time?

As mentioned you can make banana bread batter a day or two ahead before baking. Despite being aware of changes in the color of the final product.

You should as an extra precaution use a specific type of baking powder. Baking powder is a leavening agent used to help the bread rise and become lighter.

Baking powder begins to work as soon as it comes in to contact with liquid. Releasing carbon dioxide and creating bubbles that help leaven the batter.

In the case of banana bread batter, as soon as you combine the two main mixes, one being dry (the flour, salt and baking powder) the other wet (eggs, butter, sugar and bananas) the powder becomes activated.

Most folks are afraid that after the baking powder works. The effects are ruined by storing the batter in the fridge overnight. The situation is the batter returns to its normal condensed state.

Here is where the type of baking powder you use makes a difference. If you didn’t already know there are actually 6 types of baking powder. But the most common is single and double-acting baking powder.

So what is the difference between single acting and double?

Single-acting baking powder works by being activated only by liquid. So single meaning one time activation.

Double-acting works by reacting with liquid at first and then another time by heat.

Really double acting is better to use for banana bread anyways, but you should especially use it for when you plan to store your batter in the fridge.

This way you get the first reaction of the baking powder, then you can count on the second activation when you actually begin to bake the bread.

Remember baking powder does expire and will not be as effective after sitting in the shelf for too long.

You can’t go wrong with Rumford and their double-acting baking powder. (Amazon Link)

How Long Can You Store Banana Bread Batter?

Keeping banana bread batter in the fridge should be no longer than 3 days. After that you can expect the quality to degrade. As the ingredients will begin to partially separate.

Also the best bananas to use for banana bread are over-ripe. So there’s only a small window before they break down further.

Make sure to store the batter in a sealed container or wrap the baking pan with plastic wrap. Keep it near the back of the refrigerator.

Coat the pan or container with butter or cooking spray to prevent sticking.

Can You Freeze Banana Bread Batter?

Freezing banana bread batter can be done but we don’t recommend it. Only because it actually takes longer to thaw the dough after than it does to mix a new batch.

There are a few helpful tips for freezing batter. If you are going to make a couple loafs or more. Do not freeze these batters together, as they will be nearly impossible to break apart.

Instead freeze both of them separately in the baking pan. Then you can bag each one separately.

Also its best to keep them in a even shaped formation, that way they thaw out evenly. Remember to date the package to keep track of how long its been frozen.

You should thaw the batter out in the baking pan you intend to use. This way if the batter rises slightly if will keep its shape.

How Long Can You Freeze Banana Bread Batter?

You don’t want to keep frozen batter for longer that three months. As any bread dough the freezing and thawing makes the rising take longer. Which begins to affect how the bread tastes.

Always thaw out your dough or batter in the refrigerator. As you don’t want any part to become warm or room temperature first.

Banana bread batter will take about just as long to thaw as bread dough. About 12 hours in the refrigerator should be enough time.

Cheesecake-Filled Banana Bread

In case you haven’t tried making cheesecake filled banana bread. Its actually very simple, so check out the quick video to see how.

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