14 Substitutes for Milk in Mac and Cheese

Milk substitutes for mac and cheese which are just as good if not better. In case you ran out of milk or are looking for an alternative. Here are 14 substitutes and how to make mac and cheese with them.

Best Milk Substitutes (Dairy)

The closest thing you can get to actual dairy milk. You may have some of these in your fridge already. Who knows? You may like using these more than regular milk.

1. Sour Cream

  • Taste Difference = Tangy!
  • Creaminess Level = More Creamy!
  • Cooking Tip: Leave water in the pot or add extra before stirring.

Sour cream can be both a substitute or addition to macaroni and cheese. There isn’t going to be a huge difference in using sour cream or yogurt. The two can be interchangeable for most recipes.

The biggest difference is the fat content. Sour cream is going to be higher in fat and calories than yogurt. Especially if you are using regular sour cream and not low fat.

Even Paula Deen makes her macaroni cheese with sour cream. But her recipe also uses milk.

Sour cream will be obviously a lot thicker than milk. If making box mac and cheese with sour cream instead of milk. Follow the directions and use the same amount. 1/4 cup of sour milk and add more if needed.

2. Whipping Cream

  • Taste Difference = Richer!
  • Creaminess Level = Extra Creamy!
  • Cooking Tip: Skip on the Butter.

Whipping cream or heavy cream will work as a substitute for milk. Again it is going to be heavier in fat and calories than milk.

So you could skip on the butter when using whipping cream. When using whipping cream the cheese will turn out lighter in color. So if you like the cheddar orange appearance, heavy cream will look more a white cheddar.

As far as mixing goes, start out light and add in more as needed. Just so you can get the cheese and cream mixture evened out.

You may need to add a little extra water into the mix. This will help make the cream less thick.

Both whipping cream and heavy cream can be used interchangeably for macaroni and cheese.

3. Cream Cheese

  • Taste Difference = Mild, Sweet!
  • Creaminess Level = More Creamy!
  • Cooking Tip: Can Substitute For Butter! (Optional)

Maybe one of the best substitutes for milk. Because who doesn’t like more cheese? The good thing is there isn’t a huge difference in taste between milk and cream cheese.

So by substituting it you will not notice much of a difference.

Although cream cheese is typically used for other recipes. It is commonly used in making homemade macaroni and cheese. Since it gives the cheese sauce an extra creamy texture.

Use in conjunction with butter or without butter all together. Cream cheese is high in fat and calories. Cream cheese is also low in protein and carbohydrates.

If you don’t have any milk but have a stick or tub or cream cheese. Don’t worry your mac and cheese will still be awesome.

You can use any brand cream cheese, but my only warning is you may never go back to using regular milk.

4. Plain Yogurt

  • Taste Difference = Tangy!
  • Creaminess Level = Creamier! (Plain Yogurt) Extra Creamy! (Greek)
  • Cooking Tip: Don’t Heat Too Quickly and Stir Gradually.

Don’t worry about using yogurt instead of milk. You can even find mac and cheese recipes specifically with yogurt included.

If you really like your mac and cheese this way, then you could go a step further. Use fresh homemade yogurt how you like it.

Greek yogurt is going to have a more tangier taste compared to plain yogurt. Also Greek yogurt is going to be thicker than plain.

So the taste might be more noticeable in your mac and cheese. Plain yogurt will not stand out as much. In case you are feeding some picky eaters!

Yogurt can be used for baking as well, if you are using Greek yogurt add some water to thin it out before baking.

5. Water/Butter

  • Taste Difference = Less Flavor!
  • Creaminess Level = Less Creamy!
  • Cooking Tip: Add Extra Butter and Cheese.

In case none of these other options are available. Water can be your last resort. Your going to need water to boil the noodles anyways.

The mac and cheese can still turn out really good, but its like using water for hot cocoa!

The thing to remember when making mac and cheese without milk and using water. It’s best to add more butter and more cheese. Otherwise you will get a very runny cheese sauce.

Add a bit more butter or try doubling the amount you would normally use. Also if you have any extra cheddar or American cheese on hand. Feel free to add in some more.

Instead of draining the water after boiling the noodles. Keep enough to use with the cheese. The starches from the noodles will help create a creamier mac and cheese.

6. Powdered Milk

  • Taste Difference = Sweeter!
  • Creaminess Level = Creamier!
  • Cooking Tip: Condensed Milk is sweeter and slightly thicker than evaporated milk.

Evaporated milk in mac and cheese can substitute for regular milk. The convenience is the ability to store powdered milk for long periods of time.

Evaporated milk will have less fat than cream, but still will make for a creamy macaroni and cheese.

Also called dry milk, powdered or evaporated milk. Sweetened condescended milk is not the same thing. Sugar is added as a further preservative.

Evaporated milk just means it the water has been removed/reduced.

You can use sweetened condensed milk for mac and cheese. This will add extra sugar to the recipe.

Both types are going to produce a creamy cheese, the sweetened condensed milk will be slightly more thick.

7. Goat Milk

  • Taste Difference = Rich, Less Tangy!
  • Creaminess Level = Similar To Cow’s Milk.
  • Cooking Tip: Try With Goat Cheese!

Goat milk may not be something you have instead of cow’s milk. The best reason to use Goat’s milk as a substitute. Is because of its lactose content is lower.

Meaning people who otherwise experience problems with regular milk. Can drink and eat goats milk with little to no issues.

Really it is a great substitute to use for people with lactose intolerance. A complete goat milk and cheese macaroni, will still taste similar to whole cow’s milk and cheese.

Best Milk Alternatives (Nut and Cereal)

Non-dairy milk alternatives to use for mac and cheese. Good for lactose intolerance or vegan mac and cheese. If you are going to be using Kraft brand then the cheese will be dairy.

In order to make a vegan mac and cheese the cheese would have to be made with one of these non-dairy milks. Which can be done with awesome results!

Also be sure to check out my vegan cheese guide, with the best videos on how to make dairy free cheese.

8. Cashew Milk

  • Taste Difference = Similar To Dairy Milk (Less sweet and less nutty than almond milk)
  • Creaminess Level = More Creamy!
  • Cooking Tip: Choose unsweetened for less sugar and visa versa.

Substitute Your Cashew Milk for dairy milk. Follow the recipe and use the the same amount.

There are plenty of vegan mac and cheese recipes which use cashew milk. It is not as popular as almond milk.

One down side is cashew milk cannot be used for someone who is allergic to nuts. Which is why you should use a cereal based milk.

9. Soy Milk

  • Taste Difference = Less Sweet! Mild Tasting!
  • Creaminess Level = Thicker Than Almond Milk! (Made with thickeners to improve consistency).
  • Cooking Tip: Use unsweetened unflavored soy milk.

Soy milk can be used for making mac and cheese. As long as you are using a unflavored version. Otherwise a vanilla flavored one will be too strong.

The vanilla will make the mac and cheese taste very different. This is not recommended.

You can still use it, but the flavor will be a lot sweeter.

10. Almond Milk

  • Taste Difference = Sweeter!
  • Creaminess Level = Less Creamy!
  • Cooking Tip: Add more cheese or butter to thicken and make creamier.

Almond milk has enough of a neutral taste. Using it as a alternative to milk will not change your mac and cheese much.

Use the same amounts of almond milk as you would regular milk. Almond milk is slightly thinner and less creamy, so you can add thickeners like flour.

Also you could add in more butter or extra cheese to get the sauce creamier.

11. Hemp Seed Milk

  • Taste Difference = More Nutty Flavor!
  • Creaminess = More Creamy!
  • Cooking Tip: Use slightly less hemp milk than regular milk.

Hemp seed milk can be made faster than other milks. Since you don’t have to strain it.

When using hemp seed milk for mac and cheese. There is going to be more of a nutty flavor.

Hemp seed milk is thicker than regular milk. So your mac and cheese will be creamier.

Since the flavor is earthy and nutty, you can use less hemp milk than regular milk. Add in some water to help spread it out, this is if you don’t want to change the flavor of the mac and cheese much.

12. Oat Milk

  • Taste Difference = Sweeter!
  • Creaminess Level = About The Same as 2% Milk!
  • Cooking Tip: Use unsweetened oat milk.

Oat milk has more natural sugars and this leads to a sweeter flavor. The thickness is similar to regular milk.

Don’t use it to get a creamier mac and cheese. Since its not naturally thicker, although it is thicker than most nut milks.

Follow the recipe and use equal amounts of oat milk as you would dairy milk.

13. Rice Milk

  • Taste Difference = Very Close To Cow’s Milk!
  • Creaminess Level = Less Creamy!
  • Cooking Tip: May require some extra butter, or other thickeners.

Rice milk does taste similar to cows milk. So you will not ruin the mac and cheese. Rice milk is much more watery than regular milk.

This will not create a creamy mac and cheese, so add in more butter or cheese.

Overall I would not recommend using rice milk as an alternative. Since it is low in protein and has not added benefit.

14. Coconut Milk

  • Taste Difference = Coconut flavor!
  • Creaminess Level = More Creamy!
  • Cooking Tip: Use unsweetened.

You can find several recipes online using coconut milk for mac and cheese. Since it can be dairy free and vegan way to make macaroni.

The best kind to use would be unsweetened, full fat coconut milk. Canned coconut milk works the best. It is much thicker and creamier.

The biggest downside is the coconut flavor, which is going to change the mac and cheese quite a bit.

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